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Cubefield 2

After the release of Cubefield , the game found tremendous popularity, this game has caused excitement and interest of people absolutely of all ages. It was played in different countries and cities of our planet, and after countless visits to websites with the only aim to play it, and requests of players, the creators have decided to create something new for those who have had a strong desire to play Cubefield in a new format. So was born another hit game named Cubefield 2. Well, now let`s talk about the idea of the it. The goal has not changed, everything remains the same. Your main goal is to go through the whole territory covered with squares, you still play for a triangle that has to go through all the squares without touching them and pass all the levels, not less interesting than in the first part. Each level will make your gaming interesting and you will want to play more and more. Creators tried to do their best only to please their players who have been waiting for an updated version for so long. Cubefield 2 develops logic and human reaction. It is advised not only to adults but also to children because it develops children thinking abilities quicker. All in all, everything in Cubefield is just like in real life. Imagine, you are a triangle that faces a lot of obstacles needed to be passed, to get injured by anything and not to be hurt by evil tongues. So let's go through all the levels, and keep believing that everything is in our hands, and that it doesn`t matter even if there is anybody wishing to hurt us, we will get to the end with the same speed and ease. We wish you a pleasant stay and a successful game!

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